Senior MGA

Grey Rock Senior Men’s Golf Association Guidelines

Mission Statement

The Grey Rock Senior Men’s Golf Association (SMGA) promotes friendship and competitive fun golf for senior players of the Grey Rock Golf Club. The SMGA plays a game created by gentlemen. It’s a sport driven by the rules, honesty and respect, in a spirit of competitive cordiality. Our demeanor, attitude and actions are those we wish to be of a true gentlemen and a reflection of ourselves and our club thus we treat all our members and guests with respect and dignity.

Guidelines for Participation and Play

  • Be a minimum of 55 years of age and love the game of golf.
  • Play in compliance with USGA Rules and/or local rules as posted.
  • SMGA game and tournament participation in the money requires a player to play on average 4 SMGA events per month over the last 3 months. Special exemption (i.e. medical, work, travel, new player, etc.) will be considered by the SMGA Board.
  • All scores are posted in GHIN as gross. Maximum score per hole is 9.
  • USGA GHIN handicaps will be used for managing weekly games.
  • All balls will be putted out unless a maximum score of 9 has been reached for the hole.
  • Grey Rock membership is not required but encouraged.

Red Tee Option

Players that are 75 years old or will be 75 in the calendar year may choose to play it forward to the red tee. When establishing your handicap, Grey Rock red tee for men is a course slope of 123 and rating of 67.1. A handicap adjustment will also apply if the game is stated as a white tee event. Whatever tee the game leader states for the event, players can only choose to play it forward by one tee.

A player that has incurred a health situation causing his play abilities to be hampered must petition the Board to grant the Red Tee Option for a prescribed period of time. Board should advise player of his status in a timely manner.

SMGA Board

The SMGA Board represents the interests of SMGA members to the management of Grey Rock, and other entities, to enhance awareness of SMGA contributions, both present, and potential. Board is made up of SMGA members and one Grey Rock staff member. Purpose of the Board is to meet on a frequency as needed and manage the following:

  • Communicate all events and information of interest weekly or as needed.
  • Schedule all golf events (weekly play, tournaments, etc.).
  • Communicate format playing rules for all golf events and record scores.
  • Continually train members on USGA rules of golf.
  • Openly receive and manage SMGA member complaints, disagreements or suggestions in a timely manner. All such complaints or disagreements should be addressed directly to the board and no other players.
  • Discipline players for unethical play.


Frequent communications will include: Game Winners, Closest-to-Pin Winners, Schedule and Posted Scores. An updated Roster and SMGA Guidelines will be communicated as needed.

Weekly SMGA Events

Entry fee for all weekday SMGA games is payable in the pro shop prior to the start of play. CTP’s (Closest-to-the-Pin) will be paid on all four par 3’s in each weekly game. Winning payouts for each game will depend on the number of players and the type of format played each day. When a tie occurs for first place the winner will be determined by scorecard playoff. All other ties will split the winnings. will be deposited each game in the SMGA Players Fund to support items approved by the SMGA Board.

  • Monday - Game is an individual low net, full GHIN handicap played from the white tees. The player is to give his gross number of strokes on each hole to the score keeper in the playing group, player’s gross number of strokes minus his handicap (GHIN Index @ tee slope) is the score used to determine his ranking in the day’s competition.
  • Tuesday – Game is a variety of formats (i.e. Individual, 2-Man Best Ball, 2-Man Shamble, etc. etc.). Rules for how to play the weekly format will be communicated. Handicaps will vary depending on the format played. This will be managed by the pro shop.
  • Thursday – Game is individual Net using a modified Stableford scoring system.
  • Friday - Game with 3 to 4 player teams played from the white tees in a best 2 or 3 net ball format. Play Blue tees on 1st Friday of each month.

Hole-in-One Celebration

If an SMGA player makes a Hole-in-One during an SMGA sanctioned game, he will be rewarded by offering drinks to players attending that day in the Grey Rock Grille and will be given a 0.00 cash prize. A reasonable bar bill will be paid out of the SMGA Players Fund.

SMGA Scheduled Tournaments

  • March - Shootout 27 holes
  • May – Match Play (all month)
  • July - Summer Spectacular
  • September - Stableford Stampede
  • October- Stroke Play Championship
  • December- 4 Ways to Sunday Showdown

Special Tournament Notes:

  • All tournament schedules are tentative at this time.
  • Tournament rules and entry fees will be emailed prior to each event.
  • Participation in tournaments requires a minimum level of participation in weekly events as noted in Guidelines for Participation and Play.

Membership information contact:
John Takacs
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.