Course Details

Course Details

Towering oaks provide the perfect runway on every drive....

Welcome to the City of Austin's premier golf club. Where 160 acres of stately oaks and majestic views reach their full potential at the hand of master course designer Jay Morrish.

The stately oaks present a challenge right out of the gate as you face the par-4 No. 1 hole (423 yards from the back tees and 280 from the front tees). Try to favor the right side of the fairway with your opening tee shot. Going left of center can be a problem because of water on the left. The green is well-bunkered and a steep bank on the left side will kick your ball into the hazard.

On No. 2, a par-5 (509 yards from the back tees and 422 from the front tees) that can be reached in two by long hitters, you'll find that a large oak tree on the right and a bunker on the left guard the green.

On No. 5, a tricky par-4 (380 yards from the back tees and 264 from the front tees), you'll discover the challenge is not so much the trees as it is the bunkers. This is a dogleg left with numerous fairway bunkers to the left, as well as some grass depressions. There are also deep pot bunkers near the green.

The toughest hole on this course is No. 7, a par-5 that plays 542 yards from the back tees and 439 from the front tees. There are clusters of trees to contend with here, but this is a great driving hole. Fairway bunkers are the main danger. If you get past the one on the right that's 100 yards long, you might end up in a slightly smaller one to the left. You'll also have to be cautious on your approach shot; the green has water behind it.

On No. 11, for example, a par-4 that plays 459 yards from the back tees and 356 from the front tees, the fairway curves left off the tee. Some golfers may try to cut the corner to shave off the distance, but there are trees in the way. In addition, the green is actually a bit to the right at the end of the fairway.

No. 13, a par-3, (168 yards from the back tees and 103 from the front tees) this par three is considered Grey Rock's signature hole. With a large multilevel green, selecting the right club is very crucial.

The second toughest hole at Grey Rock is the par-5 No. 14 (591 yards from the back tees and 576 from the front tees). This is a dogleg right that demands a good tee shot in order to clear the rocks on the left. Trees to the right may block your second shot. And of course, you'll find bunkers, both grass and sand, guarding the green.

No. 18, a par-4, (386 from the back tees and 290 from the front tees) This difficult finishing hole can be played in many different ways. With a large lake to the right and out of bounds very close on the left, the favored shot selection is to lay up with a hybrid or a high lofted fairway wood. You need to be careful of a right fairway bunker near the lake. The fairway on No. 18 also slopes toward the lake. Once you've completed this picturesque hole, you're home free, ready to hit the patio at the clubhouse for a final toast to your round.

Distances, ratings/sloped for Grey Rock:
6,909 yards (74.6/139); 6,378 (71.9/132)
5,732 yards (69.4/127); 5,215 (72.2/123)